Solo performance

How does an artist produce a “new” second work, without running the risk of simply repeating what they have already done?

Quartet #2 (for Anna Akhmatova) is the sequel to Augusto Corrieri's first solo performance Quartet (for Anna Akhmatova).
Just like the previous show, Quartet #2 begins with the re-telling of the same theatre accident (about the ballet dancer who performed in silence in 1913). And just like the previous show, audience members are presented with a single theatrical element at a time: the movements, the objects, the music and the words.

There is in fact no difference between the two performances, except that Quartet #1 is performed by Augusto Corrieri, whereas the sequel, Quartet #2, is performed by Donna Shilling.

The result is a “photocopy” of the original performance; an exact repetition, made with the explicit attempt of questioning one of the main demands of artistic production: to make something new.

The two versions of Quartet are usually presented alone, on two separate evenings, giving audience members a second chance to "assemble the show in their own minds - piecing together fragments and layers - so as to form an image of a final, whole, performance. A performance that may or may not exist.”


Concept, choreography and text: Augusto Corrieri

Performer: Donna Shilling

Duration: 30 minutes

Supported by the Nightingale Theatre (Brighton).
Quartet #1 is funded by Arts Council England South East.
Developed with BAC (London), the Nightingale Theatre (Brighton),
and the B-Theatre (Birmingham). Supported by The Basement (Brighton).

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