Performance installation for 5 dancers

As a basic rule of the theatre, a show begins once the audience arrives, and ends when the audience leaves.

What happens if the rule is reversed: if the show ends when the audience arrives, and begins when the audience leaves?

Set in a gallery and lasting 3 hours, Photographs of a dance rehearsal is a performance installation which plays with eluding the spectator whilst at the same time offering the spectacle of trembling-dancing bodies.

Inside a large closed room of the gallery, unseen by the audience, a group of professional dancers execute actions and movement sequences: leaps, cries, rolls, runs, walks, etc. Whenever a visitor opens the door and steps inside the room, the dancers pause: they remain still, whilst the visitor is free to walk around the 'show' for as long or as little as he/she likes. When the visitor leaves the room, the performers resume dancing.


Concept and production: Augusto Corrieri

Duration: 3 hours
Commissioned by Camden Arts Centre (London).

Developed as part of Continuous Project, a research and development project by Augusto Corrieri. Funded by Arts Council England South East, supported by the Nightingale Theatre, South East Dance, and the B-Theatre. Augusto Corrieri is a supported by the Basement (Brighton).

The piece is restaged with local professional dancers each time.

For Camden Arts Centre, the performers were:

Gill Clarke, Paulo Henrique, Marina Quay, Alice Tatge, Thea Willcocks (Wed 28 May 08)

Naomi Claire, Augusto Corrieri, Ellen Steinmuller, Maria Svensson, Tonny A (Sat 31 May 08)
Gill Clarke, Maggie Harvey, Charlie Morrissey, Sasha Roubiceck, Cai Tomos (Sun 1 June 08)



In December 2010 the piece was restaged at TanzQuartier, in Vienna, as part of What Escapes. The performers for this version of the performance-installation were: Deborah Halzer, Sebastian Gec', Mike O'Connor, Anna Prokopová, K. Olivia Schellander.

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