Performance installation with 4 dancers

The Lasting Image plays with the function performed by the show poster, its promise of a show to come, and the way our expectations are shaped by the advertising image.

A large show poster featuring four performers in mid-action (see pic 1) was displayed around the seaside town of Whitstable, announcing the date, location and times of a show to come.
Upon entering a room, spectators found a single row of chairs to sit on. Once sat down, four performers walked into the space and began reconstructing the poster as closely as possible, slowly arranging themselves so as to reproduce the still image. They used large signs as exact replicas of the writing and logos contained in the show poster. The performers remained still as long as the spectators were sitting down. As soon as spectators stood up from their chairs, the still image was dismantled and the space cleared, in readiness for the next spectators.

The Lasting Image plays on the very mechanisms for getting audiences to a show i.e. the poster, advertising, marketing. The performance is nothing but a literal restaging of the poster image through a live tableaux, in an attempt to deliver exactly what is promised by the advert.


Concept and poster: Augusto Corrieri
Performers: Helen Cocker, Matthew Randle, Nicky Tomlinson and
Tong Yan

Duration: 3 hours


The Lasting Image was made for and presented at The Whitstable Biennale 2010, which was supported by Arts Council England, Kent County Council, and Canterbury City Council.

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