Short performances

Solo duet solo

Performers: Augusto Corrieri and guest spectator

Duration: 13 minutes

After inviting a member of the audience to sit on a chair on stage, the performer teaches him or her a simple tune that will serve as musical accompaniment to the dance.

The piece then begins.

Part 1 (solo): the performer executes the dance sequence whilst the spectator watches and sings the musical accompaniment.

Part 2 (duet): the performer teaches the dance to the spectator, leading him or her through all the moves and steps.

Part 3 (solo): the spectator executes the dance sequence whilst the performer watches and sings the musical accompaniment.


Performers: Augusto Corrieri

Duration: 5 minutes


The performer falls to the ground 3 times, each time to a different duration indicated on a series of cue cards:

“10”: he falls over 10 seconds, which he counts out loud.

“30”: he falls over 30 seconds, which he counts out loud.

“Dylan”: he falls over Bob Dylan's song 'Subterranean Home Sick Blues' (2 minutes 19 seconds), which plays on the speakers.


Please forgive me

Performers: everyone present

Duration: 9 minutes

The performer narrates the story of a tragic car accident involving a Canadian man, who was obsessed with dancing to the rocky chorus of Brian Adams' Please forgive me.

Each member of the audience is then invited to stand on stage and close their eyes. The Brian Adams' song begins playing loudly on the speakers: the rule for each person is to stand still during the quiet moments of the song, and to dance freely during the loud rocky choruses. When the song is over, everyone opens their eyes.


Early works
was developed as part of Continuous Project, a research and development project by Augusto Corrieri. Funded by Arts Council England South East, supported by the Nightingale Theatre, South East Dance, and the B-Theatre. Augusto Corrieri is supported by The Basement (Brighton).

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