Quartet - Technical rider


Solo performance

Duration: approx 30 mins

A technician from the venue is kindly requested for set up and for operating the show's lighting and sound cues (a lighting and sound cue sheet is available, and cues are minimal). A general wash is required to be set up before the company arrives to rehearse on the day of presentation.


Set up time (if gen wash is already up): 3 hours

Rehearsal time: 3 hours

Strike time: half an hour.


  • Minimum size 8x8. The performance area is used in its entirety.

  • End on seating

  • If there are back or side curtains, these are used to frame the whole perimeter of the performance area (so that no walls are showing).


  • General wash to cover evenly the whole performance area. No gels, no specials.

  • Use of audience lights

  • Throughout the show there are a few complete black outs.

Sound (off stage):

  • PA speaker system

  • CD player (to play one CD track)

Sound (on stage):

  • 1 Microphone stand (boom)

  • 1 Microphone and XLR cable (approximately 10m: the microphone gets used across the whole stage). The microphone is to be left on throughout the whole of the performance.

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