article by Giorgio Ventricelli reviewing Quartet at Teatro della Contraddizione, Milan, March 2008

“Augusto Corrieri, a promising artist working between Italy and the UK, presented a choreographic and artistic work, in front of an audience that is given the right importance as a central element: there cannot be a show without spectators.

Quartet (for Anna Akhmatova) wants to show the audience how a performance is made; the author here divides it into four parts: the movements, the objects, the music, and the words. It will be the spectator, mentally, to connect the parts and reconstruct the show; this is done with the awareness that every moment is an object of study, nothing is left to chance, or, in any case, there is always technique in the making of a theatre show. In this way spectators can use all their senses to observe the stillness of the objects, animated by the movements of the actor; the sound of the water poured on the floor, and the way it “walks” towards the back of the stage; the music and the stillness of the set; the words, that can also not communicate, that acquire meaning once the four parts are joined together, but which alone are only ink on paper; the movements of the hands and the body, the importance of silent non-verbal communication.

There is the intelligence of representing not an actual show but a study of it, in which the cognitive abilities of the audience are central to the idea that it is not sufficient to simply sit on a chair and watch something or someone, in the hope of passing an hour away idly; spectators, with their intellects, are at the centre of this world, because the ability to create a work is directly connected to the ability of the observer to construct meanings out of a performance, with the awareness of being an active viewer, not a passive one.”