Reviews from Resolution! 2008 at The Place (London), Jan 2008


Augusto Corrieri's Quartet (for Anna Akhmatova) is compelling. It's impossible not to stay focussed on his obsessive decomposition of a theatrical act, as the masochistic pleasure in watching stems from his meticulous detailing and, at times, uncomfortable inaction. With a handful of mundane objects - a tennis ball, a glass of water, his own shirt, a microphone stand, - he offers four components of a scene sequentially: objects, movement, words and music. We watch the inanimate move without action (and vice versa), itchy dancing and minimal gesture. We concentrate on the music, free from the fuss of accompanying dance. It's all gutsy stuff that could easily have gone awry but he pulls it off with well executed presence.”

Thom Shaw (associate editor Dance Theatre Journal)


“Augusto Corrieri unpeeled the layers of performance in this odd, intellectual but surprisingly watchable piece, which he introduced and performed by himself. Inspired by an historical event, Corrieri took a dance solo and split it into four: dance, music, set (objects) and words, and let these partial performances run one after the other. It starts unprepossessingly with Corrieri standing next to a flip chart explaining what he is about to do. He continues to narrate the performance, rather like a teacher talking us through some complicated thought-exercise.

You had to admire the audacity with which he made the audience watch, at various times, him lifting a glass up and down, knocking a microphone over, or just standing still listening to music. The result was quite absurd and Correri's thoughtful attitude and deadpan narration brought out a few laughs from an audience that seemed to veer between being baffled and amused. A surreal conceit, this worked as a one off.”

Anna Leach